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Trusted, State-of-the-art Firestop, Damper, and Swinging Fire Door Assembly Solutions for Healthcare and Commercial Facilities


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Hilti Firestop
Hilti Firestop

Firestop systems prevent flames, toxic gases and smoke from passing through joints, gaps and other openings in fire-rated walls and floors.


Firestop services

  • Penetration surveys and inspections

  • Sealing of any disturbed fire-rated and smoke barrier walls

  • Construction and repair

  • Plumbing, electrical and mechanical penetrations

  • Telecommunication cable trays

  • Cable and fire sprinkler penetrations

  • Interior joint sealant installation, including fire-rated head-of-wall joints, curtain wall assemblies, fire-rated construction joints and non-rated sound barrier walls

  • Follow-up surveys


Firestop - Installations, Rated barrier Reconstruction and Surveys
Swinging Fire Door Assembly - Inspections, Repairs, and Installations

Fire Door Assemblies are used as a part of a passive fire protection system to reduce the spread of fire or smoke between compartments and to enable safe egress in the event of a fire.


DeCosta Construction Specialties, Inc. offers fire door services to Healthcare, Ambulatory Care and all other types of building occupancies in the Mid-Atlantic area. Our program is designed to meet the codes and standards (NFPA 101 and NFPA 80) enforced by AHJ’s. As a member of the Door Hardware Institute, DeCosta Construction Specialties, Inc. employees are well trained and informed personnel.



Fire Door Services

  • Annual swinging fire door assembly inspections

  • Fire door deficiency repairs

  • Fire door replacement and installation

  • Roll down and sliding door inspections

Are you Swinging Fire Door Compliant?

Top Ten Deficiencies on Swinging Doors 

  1. Painted or missing fire door labels

  2. Poor clearance dimensions around the perimeter of the door in the closed position

  3. Kick down door holders

  4. Auxiliary hardware items that interfere with the intended function of the door (barrel bolts and dead bolts, etc.)

  5. Fire doors blocked to stay in the open position

  6. Area surrounding the fire door assembly blocked by furniture, equipment and/or boxes

  7. Broken, defective or missing hardware items (latch bolts and/or strike plated, closer arms, cover plates, etc.)

  8. Fire exit hardware installed on doors that are not labeled for use with fire exit hardware

  9. Missing or incorrect fasteners

  10. Bottom flush bolts that do not project 1/2" into the strike

Damper Inspection
Hilti Firestop
Dampers - Inspections, Repairs, and Installations

Fire and smoke dampers help prevent the spread of fire or smoke where supply and return ducts penetrate fire or smoke rated walls and floors.


How can DeCosta Construction help?

DeCosta Construction Specialties installs and repairs fire, smoke and combination dampers for existing construction, retrofit and renovation projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. We are well-versed in damper inspection and building code and requirements and use only the highest-quality materials.


Damper services

  • Fire and smoke damper testing

  • Installation (fire, smoke or combination)

  • Repair, including actuator and link replacement

  • Rated wall and floor sweep to locate new damper or non-damper ductwork not shown on supplied plans


Life Safety
Documentation - Detailed inspections and repair reports

Our Barrier and Damper Documentation Programs are specifically designed to satisfy your documentation and compliance needs and give you peace of mind.



Secure, comprehensive documentation


  • Detailed record of all work completed

  • Summary of every fixed penetration, wall repair and wall build

  • Before and after pictures

  • Plotting of found and fixed penetrations, wall repairs and wall builds on a set of life safety prints

  • Compliance status

  • Reports can be filtered by building, floor, area and/or item.

  • These reports can then serve as third-party verification that your building’s fire barriers have been surveyed and/or repaired to keep your building compliant.

  • Full audit trail



Fire Dampers
Fire Damper Install
Damper Fire
3M duct wrap Fire Damper
Fire Barrier Duct Wrap Install
Damper Duct
Firestop Joints Hilti Joint spray CFS SP WB
Head of Wall Joint Assembiles
Firestop Training Hilti EBL DeCosta
Firestop Training
Hilti Firestop
Firestop Training Hilti DeCosta
DeCosta in House Training
Barrier Construction repair Healthcare
Barrier Construction
and Repair
Firestopping Hilti
Firestop Install
Hilti Firestop
Firestop Inspection Hilti
Rated Wall Surveys and Inspections
Hilti Firestop
Firestop Barrier construction Decosta
Barrier Reconstruction
Fire dampers inspection Ruskin
Damper Installation
and Repair
Fire Dampers
Fire Dampers Inspections Ruskin
Damper Inspections
Fire Dampers
Firestop Barrier repair DeCosta
Barrier Repair
Firestop Hilti Mortar CP 637
Shaft Reconstruction and Repair
Duct Retaining Angle Ruskin DeCosta
Duct Retaining Angle 
Damper Repair


A Reputation for Excellence


A family-owned business founded in 1998, DeCosta Construction Specialties, Inc., is an industry leader in passive fire protection and fire damper inspections. Our client base extends throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and our talented, dedicated crew of certified technicians focuses exclusively on firestopping, dampers and life safety construction. 

Aside from our extensive industry experience, we offer an honest approach and superior, unfailing dedication to our clients’ needs.







Join Our Team!


We are looking for high-octane winners to join our team of talented installers. You will get the best training in the business and the support of a super team.

To apply for a job with DeCosta Construction Specialties,Inc. please send a cover letter together with resume to:


All replies held in strict confidence.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 410-391-3331 or Email us:

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